The pusuit of perfection is never ending in any sport and Stand Up Paddling is no different, with it's vast array of sub-disiplines a very simple sport in the beginning can open up new unforseen possibilities as you progress in both fitness and skill level, through our members wealth of paddling experience we continue to compile some of the most useful online peices of infomation we have found out there to help the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced progress and contiune to surprise themselves on their Stand Up Paddle journey. These are offered as general information only to cut through the overload of information out on the web, for beginners especially we would recommend seeking a qualified coach.  

Here a few beginner tips to improve your paddling and progress to the the next level

Protect Your Shoulders

Here are some tips once your off and padding and want to work on your skills

Here are some tips and for accomplished intermediate paddlers wanting to get into some serious paddling requiring expert skills

 Getting Into Downwinding 

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